Fresh meat from Serbia – a quality to which you will return

When you want to buy high-quality meat, the best choice is the one that comes from animals from Serbian region that are raised in small households. We know that meat of animals that grazed on mountain pastures is of better quality which is why Super Vero established cooperation with households throughout Serbia.

You will easily recognize that we offer excellent quality – the color and appearance show that the meat is fresh and healthy, that it is not frozen and that the whole process from breeding to transport is  well-controlled. Supporting documents for all meat in our offer guarantee the origin of the food. Meat of natural origin is  an excellent source of high- quality proteins, that are important for normal functioning of body.

We have provided you with fresh lamb, pork, beef and chicken in bulk. We take into account that the animals were fed naturally (for example, sheep grazing on the slopes of the mountains of Serbia – livestock households on Pester plateau and Stara Planina, from which we procured lamb for Easter). We also cooperate with households on Zlatibor and Zlatar, and we choose farms in untouched nature where breeding tradition is respected.

Only home-bred meat can be 100% fresh and as such ideal for preparing meals – chicken is good for light summer dishes and barbecue, lamb for kapama, beef for steak that will not be gristly.

For those who prefer fish, the choice is great. We cooperate with breeders from Zavojsko Lake in the heart of Stara Planina, from where fresh carp arrives in our fish markets. Trout and salmon trout are also from clean rivers from Stara Planina.

You can find fresh river and salt fish, as well as seafood every day in our fish markets in Bulevar Milutina Milankovića 86a and in Nikodima Milaša 2, in TC Zira.

Our priority has been and remains product quality and affordable prices.We are expecting you.

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