Fish market opened in Super Vero in TC Zira

We bring more good news – Super Vero has opened a new fish market! It is located in Nikodima Milaša in our store in Zira shopping mall. As well as in the already existing fish store in New Belgrade, in the new fish store freshwater and saltwater fish will be delivered five times a week.

The important thing is quality and freshness.

When it comes to carp, our choice is Stara Planina. Fresh carp comes to us from Zavojsko Lake, which is located at an altitude of 620 meters in the heart of that mountain beauty. There is a cage system for fish breeding at the widest part of the lake, where the depth is up to 80 meters. Fresh fish is delivered to our markets from there. Water in the lake is good for drinking and is classified as the first category. Furthermore, the type of feeding is such that provides meat of exceptional quality, which gives us special gastronomic pleasure.

Due to the multitude of vitamins (A, B12, C and E), minerals (potassium and selenium), fatty acids and amino acids, carp meat has a beneficial effect on human health and is especially useful for small children, teenagers and pregnant women.

It is important to emphasize that carp meat from Zavojsko Lake has a low percentage of fat due to the appropriate water temperature and high-quality and balanced fish diet.

Trout and salmon trout in our fish markets are also from Stara Planina, which is famous for its clean, transparent rivers, streams and waterfalls.

The regular offer will also include: sea bass, gilthead sea bream, mackerel, salmon, tuna and perch fillets, octopus, squid, mussels, shrimp, cod, red porgy and dentex, etc… There is always a great choice of fish but it varies depending on season, so don’t be surprise if you find St.Pierre too.

Some people avoid to prepare fish because they think it is complicate, that is why we are presenting one simply recipe:

We suggest you to prepare trout baked in the oven. First clean, wash and slice it, then add salt. Chop the garlic, add salt, basil, rosemary, olive oil and white wine in a bowl. Let the fish stand in that marinade for an hour, then put it in a pan, cut lemon slices, cover everything with aluminum foil and bake for half an hour. Remove the foil and bake it for another half an hour.

Enjoy your meal! We hope to see you soon in our fish markets.

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