Everything for Christmas Eve and Christmas in one place

Christmas Eve and Christmas are holidays that everyone looks forward to. The symbols of Christmas are peace, love and forgiveness, and that is the time when the whole family gathers and a festive atmosphere reigns.

During these holidays various traditional customs are respected, which give them a special charm: from bringing badnjak and straw to making česnica and giving presents to polažajnik.

In Super Vero you can find everything you need for Christmas Eve and Christmas in one place.

From the large offer of products, we advise you to try:

Burger and sausage Beyond meat

The burger and sausage Beyond meat are made on a vegetable basis, completely without meat. In addition to the irresistible taste, they represent a high-protein meal without cholesterol, saturated fat, gluten, soy and GMO.

Burger, meatballs, kebabs and stuffing Vegapčić

Vegapčić products are made from sprouted grain and have a recognizable taste of Serbian traditional barbecue. They contain plenty of plant fiber, have a low caloric value and are an excellent substitute for meat. These products do not contain GMOs, artificial colors, flavors, emulsifiers or preservatives.

Large selection of fish

In every Super Vero you can find a large selection of canned and frozen fish. We single out salted anchovies and sardines Karagunis, traditionally prepared in sea salt, as well as a rich offer of frozen Savamaris products – squid, sea bream, shrimp, grouper, mackerel, sea bass, salmon…

In Super Vero in Bulevar Milutina Milankovića 86a there is a Super Vero fish market, with a rich offer of fresh sea and river fish, as well as seafood (squid, mussels, shrimp, octopus).

In an offer consisting of over 40 species of fish, in addition to river fish (trout, carp from Stara Planina and salmon-trout) you can find sea bream, sea bass, salmon fillet, tuna fillet, mackerel, cod, herring, dentex and many other sea fish that will ennoble your table.

Pork and lamb from Zlatibor

Pork and lamb originating from Zlatibor will enrich your Christmas table with an irresistible taste that you will remember.

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