Château Blanc French pastries

French breads and pastries have a specific smell and taste that enchant us and don’t let us go – to the last crumb. Whoever went to France, he or she surely acquired a lasting memory of the magnificent cuisine of the old European capital of gentility.

We present you the Château Blanc brand, which was founded with the aim of creating top quality bakery products.

They use today’s technologies to carry forth the artisanal baking techniques of the purest French tradition.

Nearly 400 employees are involved in the process with great enthusiasm. The brand has always tried (and succeeded) in sticking to proven traditional recipes, giving priority to the taste of the products.

It’s the same now, maybe even better than before, because such approach perfectly suits the consumers’ expectations of combining pleasure, authenticity and healthy choices.

As a brand, Château Blanc has managed to introduce modern processes into production without losing the original spirit.

We know that the French, for example, perfected the production of puff pastry croissants by adding eggs, sugar, yeast and milk to the basic version of the dough. Now is the time to try how Château Blanc respect their predecessors, the old masters. You wont regret it.

The unique production process ensures that all flavors and aromas are developed so that bread and pastries have a specific character. It consists of many gradual steps that lead to a rich and authentic buttery taste.

The choice in our stores is as follows:


– several types of croissants (empty, with cream and with apricot filling),

– ciabatta (flat shape)

– palmier (puff pastry with cinnamon, so-called “elephant ear”)

– baguette


You will be delighted by the thin crusts and moist textures of these products. This combination will inspire all your senses. The manufacturer guarantees that they contain pure butter and that the taste and nutritional values ​​are of the highest quality.

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