Baking molds at 50% lower prices with coupons

Almost every housewife, but also some men, look for to buy good baking molds. This is not always easy because there are several characteristics to pay attention to. The size, durability, cleaning method, and the design of the non-stick technology are important.

You can now buy the famous Zenker company’s “Green vision” collection, which has been producing molds since 1885, at Super Vero with 50% discount with a certain number of stickers.

Stickers are obtained for the purchase of specially marked products or for purchases worth 500 dinars. A list of products is in the brochure.

The stickers can be collected from February 13th to April 13th, and the discount can be used by April 30th. Vero club members need three stickers less.

The assortment includes:

  • springform in two sizes – with a diameter of 24 and 26 cm.
  • baking sheet,
  • bundt pan,
  • 12 cup – muffin tin,
  • square tin.

The new collection is characterized by top quality and innovative design in sparkling green color.

  • baking tins are easy to clean,
  • they are heat resistant to 180 degrees,
  • they are made in accordance with the most sustainable technologies, and
  • coated with a layer that prevents food from sticking to the dish.
  • the non-stick coating is made from wax obtained from a special type of palm that grows in Brazil. The wax is called carnauba wax and is obtained from the leaves of the tree. The natural environment is not endangered, as the German company emphasizes that it insists on sustainable technologies in production.

The tradition of making baking tins – longer than a century – confirms the German quality of these products – and a guarantee for these products is given for an incredible 5 years.

The number of stickers required for purchase with a discount is highlighted in the brochure next to each Zenker mold in the offer. Vero club members have an additional advantage as they need three stickers less for each product. You can always join the Super Vero loyalty program with a simple registration and enjoy the benefits.

Shiny green molds are always available at regular prices for those who do not participate in the sticker collection program.

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