Active autumn – discount on exercise equipment

You can start or continue your physical activities this fall. You will not be able to exercise outside due to rain and wind, but that is why it is ideal to be active at home. Yoga and exercises with weight are easier to do at more moderate temperatures, therefore this fall is perfect to return to regular exercises or to change your habits.

We are here to support you in this and to offer you a discount of up to 28% on Xiaomi sports equipment which will last from September 15 to October 15, or while stocks last. Xiaomi is a global company that produces quality products at good prices.

If you wish to be ready for your sports activities, we recommend:

Fitness roller

Try a high quality fitness roller with non-slip rubber handles. It is suitable for the abdominal group of muscles, legs and arms. It folds easily. With regular use, you will improve muscle mobility and reduce pain. You will also improve your posture.

Women’s weights 2x1kg

Classic women’s weights in turquoise color weighing 1kg are great to start with. They have a steel interior and are coated with non-slip silicone. They will help you to shape your arms, waist and hips.


A small exercise machine that simulates the feeling of climbing stairs contributes to the improvement of leg and buttock muscle tone. We offer a stepper with a display for counting steps, calories burned and training length. If you exercise every day, you can quickly get the maximum benefit.

Jump rope

Jump rope will allow you to engage in high-intensity activity and will play essential role in maintaining your physical fitness. It can contribute to the loss of fat deposits, reduce cellulite and have a positive effect on your health and mood. It is universal because it is used both by people who are in great shape and by those who are just starting out.

Yoga block

We have blue yoga blocks measuring 230mm x 153mm x 8mm made of high quality and ecological material (foam). They do not contain toxic substances and heavy metals. They have no smell, do not deform, are non-slip and wear-resistant. Yoga or pilates can help you achieve strength, balance and flexibility, and can have a positive effect on inflammatory processes, heart problems and stress relief.

Take advantage of our offer and enter this fall in fit form, because regular training has an equal impact on mental and physical health.


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