New products – osmotically dehydrated fruits

Osmotically dehydrated fruit – fruit that looks like dried and tastes like fresh

Whenever you crave something sweet and don’t want to feel bad about consuming high levels of sugar and calories, osmotic dried fruit is the right choice for you!
It is ideal for all people who want healthier alternatives to sweets, because it contains natural sugars and nutrients that are good for the body. In addition, osmotic dried fruit is easy to consume and can be used as a healthy snack on the go or as an ingredient in various recipes.

What does the process of osmotic fruit drying look like?

Osmotic dehydrated is a fruit drying technique that enables the retention of natural nutrients and taste. The fruit is placed in a special solution that extracts excess water, but leaves the nutrients intact. In this way, the fruit retains its natural sweetness and softness, while removing excess moisture that can cause spoilage.
When we talk about osmotic fruit drying, we are actually talking about a process in which excess water is removed from the fruit using a mild salt and sugar solution. This solution has the unique property of attracting excess water from the fruit, while at the same time not allowing the sugar to be absorbed into the fruit.

When fruit is placed in a solution, osmosis occurs – this is a process in which water molecules move from a zone of higher water concentration (in the fruit) to a zone of lower water concentration (in the solution). Thanks to this process, the excess water from the fruit is removed and only delicious and juicy fruit remains.

The key thing to note is that the solution does not contain more sugar than is naturally found in the fruit. Actually, the amount of sugar in the solution is determined in such a way as to enable the process of osmosis, but it does not affect the amount of sugar in the final product. Osmotic dried fruit retains its natural flavor and does not get added sugar, which makes it the perfect choice for all those who want to enjoy sweet snacks without high levels of sugar and calories.

So, in short, osmotic drying is a process in which excess water is removed from the fruit using a mild solution of salt and sugar, through the process of osmosis, but no large amount of sugar is added to the final product. This process allows the natural flavor and nutrients of the fruit to be retained.

The difference between osmotic and classic fruit drying and candiing

Osmotic dehydrated is considered better than conventional drying or candiing of fruit for several reasons. When fruit is dried in the classic way, high temperatures are often used, which can cause the loss of nutrients and the taste of the fruit. Candiing fruit, on the other hand, usually involves the use of large amounts of sugar, which can lead to increased blood sugar levels and other health problems.
Irresistible taste and soft structure are the right choice for a healthier snack without any artificial additives.

In Super Vero you can buy osmotic dehydrated raspberries, blackberries and plums, which we believe you will like 😊

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