Every month, Super Vero Markets approve a 10% discount for pensioners on the days of payment of pensions determined by the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund for the category “Employees” (PIO.RS)

This week, in the Super Vero markets, retirees will have a 10% discount on Thursday, June 10, Friday, June 11, and Saturday, June 12.

The discount is valid for the purchase of fresh meat, milk and dairy products, eggs, flour, oil, fruits and vegetables and for more than 20,000 other products from various categories.

The discount only cannot be used for the purchase of cigarettes, newspapers and Jumbo products, whose initial price is low, as well as for products that are already on sale. As the products on sale usually have a much higher discount, the overall savings are even greater.

In order to exercise the right to a pension discount, it is necessary to show a pension check, a report from the bank, an ID card or another valid ID.

Dear retirees, let Super Vero be your first morning location.

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